Skyglyph at DIA Amsterdam Insurance Conference

Victor Yermak

Victor Yermak, CEO of Skyglyph, present solution for the insurance industry at DIA Amsterdam, 2017. Insurance underwriting and claims audit is a time- and cost- consuming process. Providing assessment manually frequently leads to inaccurate loss estimation. Claim processing is very often impossible due to ongoing natural disasters.  Fraudulent claims are not rare as well. Insurers are constantly […]

Zephirus 3

Aerial photography in agriculture – video

Anna Shabanova

Aerial photography is a precision agriculture practice that is rapidly gaining popularity due to its low cost and high efficiency. Drones give farmers a completely new perspective, allowing them to assess the health of their crops quickly and easily. The process is automated: a drone flies over the field and takes a lot of overlapping […]


Victor Yermak on Bloomberg TV

Anna Shabanova

Victor Yermak, CEO of Dataerion, shared his vision of the future of the drone market with the Bulgarian business community in his interview on Bloomberg TV. During the next 10 years this market will more than double in size, from 2 to 5 billion dollars, and drones will become a real source of added value […]

dataerion 1

New release of Skyglyph

Andrii Melnychenko

New release 20160429 of ::skyglyph became available today. Most of the newly developed features are related to search functionality and improve the usability of the system. – said Dataerion’s Research and Development Director Andrey Dashkiev.  Advanced Filters significantly decrease the time our customers spend to find the needed object. The possibility to search on a substring […]

Blagovest Sabev Avest Agro news

Avest Agro is a new partner in Bulgaria

Anna Shabanova

Dataerion – an European provider of ::skyglyph, a cloud-based aerial scouting platform, which helps to collect, consolidate and analyze aerial big data for professional purposes, with a focus on agricultural risk assessment announced a new partnership with Avest Agro, a provider of a full range of services for customers in Agro industry from flight planning […]

dataerion 3

New version of Skyglyph

Andrey Dashkiev

We are proud to announce the availability of a new version of ::skyglyph with a set of features that we were working on this winter. The main features include orthomosaic generation, placing and viewing detailed images on the map, sharing of information, user management, import and Export of geo-shapes, tagging and tag-based calculations. Most of […]

News abour package

Aerial Crop monitoring became easier than ever

Victor Yermak

Aerial Crop monitoring became easier than ever. Dataerion offers new Aerial Crop Monitoring Package for farmers. It includes a drone (at client choice) of one of four international producers and annual subscription to ::skyglyph cloud platform with basic functionality, including Fields mapping, Monitoring mission planning for aerial scouting, Creation of visual and NDVI photomaps, Segmentation […]

dataerion 5

Skyglyph speaks three languages. Multilanguage functionality.

Andrey Shabanov

“We are happy to announce the completion of the multilanguage functionality of our platform. At the moment ::skyglyph is available in three languages – English, Ukrainian and Bulgarian. Users can switch between languages while working with the system without the need to log out and log in”, said Dataerion’s CEO Victor Yermak. “Adding a new […]


How drones can help for road design

Victor Yermak

How drones can help for roads design, construction and maintenance? There is short list of drone tasks for roads: – Gathering of cartography and landscape information on the planning and design stages – Monitoring of construction progress – Roads Condition Monitoring – Highway Traffic Monitoring and Security Support Below you can see part of our […]


ROI of drones using in agriculture

Victor Yermak

We are impatiently waiting for releasing of Ag ROI Calculator from Measure32 (https://lnkd.in/eyjh8wZ). “The ROI Calculator™ estimates that for farmers using Drone as a Service® to enhance crop scouting, for example, ROI is $12 per acre for corn, $2.60 per acre for soybeans, $2.30 per acre for wheat”, – said FactSheet from company. It will […]