Drone’s service
for crop insurance

Get aerial map of crops from UAV with precision up to 2 cm/pixel.

Detect and calculate damaged area of crops with help of our intelligence engine for images recognition and interpretation.

Deliver results to your computer in the couple days via our cloud system ::skyglyph.

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Drones Services on Demand for Crop Insurance

Crop profiling- Creating visual or NDVI orthophoto of field - Fields statistic (fields boundaries, fields area, crops area)   - Plants stress assessment (based on NDVI)   -Delivering results througth web
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Crop monitoring- Creating visual or NDVI orthophoto of field   - Plants stress assessment (NDVI)   - Visual monitoring (planter skips, growth stage, density, uniformity)   - Early stage risks detection: weeds, damages by insects, irrigation needs, crop damages   - Detection of changes in comparision with previous images   - Delivering results througth web
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Claim evaluation- Creating visual or NDVI orthophoto of field   - Collecting of low-altitude detailed crop images   - Detection the damaging area of crops   -Delivering results througth web
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How it works

On-Field data collection
On-Field data collectionA pilot with a drone comes to place and scout a requested area by multispectral camera, taking automatic overall[[ed photos and creating high-precision orthophoto images of a field.
ProcessingOur intelligence cloud engine proceeded the image and identifies damaged.
DeliveringAll results delivers through web with help of our cloud system ::skygliph
AnalysisAdjuster can check the results online and evaluate the losses properly


Saving efforts, time and money

in comparison with on-foots scouting. You can survey more than 200 ha per hour, dramatically improve your performanse and save time for productive work.

Superior quality

and 100% correspondence with reality, decrease risk of the fraud


of the claim process, increasing of clients loyalty


losses due risk detection on early stages

Easy of using

no special technical skills, no drones, no training, computers and additional pesronnel


we use drones instead of people for climbing to roof or chimney

Information Safety

we are using leading cloud data centers to provide your confidentiality and security


Detection of damage by mice

Romania, rapeseed
In this case we have provided visual and NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) orthophotos. NDVI photo allows to show general health of crop according color scale where green color means maximal health and red absence of vegetation. System detects 4,28 ha of damaged crop (4,42% of total field area)

Detection damage area after flood

Bulgaria, wheat
We done aerial scouting, make RGB and NDVI maps, damage segmentation and provide historical data (satellite photo for earlier period) After scouting we found damages as result of flood and over fertilization After data reviews and analyzing by farmer we separate damage by flood from overfertilization (left bottom corner of picture)
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