Arial scouting,
monitoring and mapping

Simply draw border of required area
in the our system.

Turn aerial images into data and information for decision making through
our intelligence images recognition and interpretation.

individual services

Services for All of Us

Aerial MappingYou receive of ortophoto - map of your fields, house, factory or other asset
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Site InvestigationYou receive of ortophoto - map of your fields, house, factory or other asset + detailed 1 m distance photos or video on-site objects or its details
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3D modellingBuild 3d model of your asset, including houses, fields, cars, etc.
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BIMBuild an Informational Model of assets. Add physical or functional characteristics of assets to orthopoto or 3D model
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RAMRemote Asset Management. Monitoring time from time certain characteristics of assets and detect assets changes or risky situations
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CSVCustom Street View. Generate 360 Degree Panorama with ability of virtual journey
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We eliminates the gap between the technical aspects of aerial surveying and the “plug and play” needs of you

How it works

Order Aerial Map or Service
Join Service Network
Drone fly
Process images
Recognize and Interpret orthophoto map
Delivery results
Order Aerial Map or ServiceSimply draw border of required area in the our system
Join Service NetworkWe are provide for you nearest our pilot who will physically fly above your fields or assets
Drone flyPilot flies and loads raw data to our cloud platform
Process imagesOur intelligence software engine process raw data and produce result - aerial orthophoto map
Recognize and Interpret orthophoto mapOur intelligence engine processes maps and provides patterns recognition - fields segmentation, damages detection etc additional human service: aerial map interpretation and recommendations
Delivery resultsAs result is ready, you get it on your computer, tablet or smartphone


Operatively collect, process, store, analyse and delivery of photo and video materials with help of skyglyph - our Aerial Scouting Cloud Platform

Get new, unseen before, view on your business by getting recognition and interpreation of your aerial images

You do not need drones, special equipment, trainedpersonnel and power servers

we bring valuable information from fields to your office due comprehensive recognition and interpretation of aerial images