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::skyglyph - Aerial scouting Cloud platform

Dataerion eliminates the gap between the technical aspects of aerial surveying and the “plug and play” needs of its users. The results are simple and concise while at the same time providing an intrinsically valuable asset for site analysis.

Software Features:

Map your assets and infrastructure and plan survey with drones of aerial scouting and monitoring

Find service companies and industry consultantsprocessing and situations recognition

Collect and share information across your organization and with the community

Collaborate with colleagues and experts and infrastructure

Turn images into big data and knowledge

Big Data analysis

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How it works

1 Map your assets and infrastructure.
Plan scouting and monitoring

2 Find UAV companies (our partners)
around your site for flying

3 Load raw data into our cloud
and process to get best
results with:

  • • Multispectral NDVI GNDVI
  • • Thermal imaging
  • • Optical gas detecrion
  • • Ortho maps
  • • 3D digital surface model
  • • Volumetric measurements
  • • Live video
  • • Objects tracking
  • • Intrusion detection

4 • Get a hybrid machine/man
professional recognition and interpretation of images
• Reports about emergency situations
and required actions

5 • Delivery survey data to multiple
platforms: web, mobile, tablets
• Share data and collaborate with
your employees and consultants

6 Analyze of Big Data, understand
trends and forecast future

Industrial focus

There are many choices of drone manufacturers all with differing product characteristics and intended purposes of use. The commercial use of drone technology will become common place because there really are few barriers for it to grow. Consumers must focus on their desired results. How will this technology deliver the value that their projects require while justifying the costs and time effort involved? At Dataerion we simplify the aerial intelligence process by focusing on the last mile survey result emphasizing the data collection methodology, analysis and interpretation.

Crop scouting

Timely crop scouting is a crucial part of crop management By scouting farmer reduce risk of damage and increase yields by discovering problems before they become a threat Drones with advanced sensors and imaging capabilities save time and give farmers new ways to increase yields and reduce crop damage.
Our easy-to use field scouting mobile and cloud solution with complementary personal drone or on-demand aerial imaging service significantly change landscape of crop scouting and help farmers increase yield

Insurance claim acceleration

Insurance claim processing often very complex and precision work. Natural disasters, property insurance, crop insurance require accurate on-field research. It takes time and often is dangerous for insurance officers.
Using of drones speed up insurance claim processing. By flying a drone over disaster areas, the insurance company could potentially research claims much more quickly and cheaply than they could on foot. Our special drone solution for crop insurance can significantly reduce the time it takes to settle claims and avoid fraud

Planning, checking of executions and safety jobsite

Planning, checking of executions and safety are cornerstones of any building project Drones can improve jobsite execution control and safety due capturing realtime images from the air
Another advantages are performing highly technical tasks such as planning, 3-D modeling and stocks assessment

Monitoring of oil&gas pipelines

Distribution networks, power stations, wind farms and hydro dams consist of power and utility landscape We can inspect your assets live so you can focus your maintenance teams on repairing identified problems rather than using up valuable circuit outage time for fault finding
We help to power and utility companies to detect faults, improve maintenance procedures, reducing costs and improving safety.

Aerial Intelligence Inspection

Distribution networks, power stations, wind farms and hydro dams consist of power and utility landscape We can inspect your assets live so you can focus your maintenance teams on repairing identified problems rather than using up valuable circuit outage time for fault finding
We help to power and utility companies to detect faults, improve maintenance procedures, reducing costs and improving safety.

Big data

Analysis of Big Data

At Dataerion we transform aerial imagery into useful data. Our technology is designed to detect subtle structural and environmental changes when comparing to earlier surveys. User productivity will be enhanced by a comprehensive data collection process that incorporates sophisticated quantitative and qualitative pattern analysis. Dataerion’s basic analysis reporting capabilities are inclusive into our platform and are highly scalable for more complex data capture requirements.

Storage and Security

Dataerion partners with leading cloud storage providers. Our advanced options include EU hosted file sync and share SaaS incorporating end to end 256 AES data encryption that is essentially “hack proof”. The result is that Dataerion technologies are ready to be utilized in the most sensitive and demanding environments and use cases.

Data Collecting

The collection of drone obtained raw images and video can be conducted as often as necessary for future diversity stacked comparison analysis. Optical resolutions of up to 1cm per pixel combined with our robust data management system ensures that minute changes are observed and captured for subsequent processing purposes


Formed in 2011, Event 38 designs and manufactures drones, specialized optical sensors, and a precision analytics cloud based Drone Data Management SystemTM for small and medium sized businesses. Today we have customers in 49 countries using our products for agriculture, surveying, construction, environmental conservation, and other applications. For more information please contact us at




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Our Partners are the key part of our platform. We build Open Business Model platform to provide best service and expertise for custumer.

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About us

We are a dynamic start-up consisting of creative and industry savy aerial survey enthusiasts based in Sofia, Bulgaria encompassing an established business network in North America, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Our renowned specialization is the development of cloud based software and industrial surveillance solutions that transform drones into concise instruments for deployment in a wide range of business use cases. Dataerion's cloud based platform simplifies the scouting process and management of flight control, asset mapping, site monitoring, data transfer and visual result interpretation. We excel in the professional interpretation of images via the generation of comprehensive analytical and recommended actions reports that can be applied to a variety of survey use case requirements. Our solutions are designed to bridge the gap between drone technologies and user requirements that deliver the master results that you expect.

Meet our team

Our greatest treasure is our team.
We have come together into challenging adventure to bring the right solution for people.


Viacheslav Adamchuk

Technology Ag Advisor, Member of Board

Victor Yermak

CEO, Product Strategy

Andrey Shabanov

COO, Strategic Partnership

Nicola Vdovenko

Official Representative in Italy

Marcin Mazur

Official Representative in Poland

Zoran Mitrovic

Official Representative in Serbia

Andrey Dashkiev

R&D Director

Andrii Melnychenko

Director of Product Development

Oleksii Kozulin

Director of Software Development

George Burlakov

Lead Software Engineer

Nataliya Potasheva

Marketing Communications Consultant
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