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Our Partners are the key part of our platform. We build Open Business Model platform to provide best service and expertise for custumer.

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We are interested to have a partnership with such companies:


Drone manufacturers

Upsell your customer additinal service and unified platform for loading, processing, interpretation, analysing and share data. Gain competitive advantage throuth rendering more complex solution from one hands


Drone service companies

We give a tool to provide the customer with not just a raw data, but services with high added value. And give you open API for connection to our storage.


Mobile applications developers

Partners are welcomed, to develop mobile applications for using drones in different industries


Service Providers in area of geoinformatics, geodesy and cartography

We can significantly levergage your service and experience due using drones. There are a lot of drone-enabled geo-services: aerophotography, 3D scanning, assessment of assets, etc. You save money and time by using drones for your core operations.


Agri consultants

You, as agri consultant and our Partner, gain benefits due to: getting the tool for delivery of your own services to the customer. Results of your consulting (eg: field measurement, rotations, recommendations on technologies of cultivation and fertilizer applications) can be entered into the system for monitoring of implementation without presence in the field.


Chemical companies

Select win-win strategy to collaborate with farmers. We can provide you aerophotos of actual state of fields, you can deliver to farmer consultations and recommendation about application of fertilizers and chemistry


Insurance companies

Accelerate your claim processing services due quicker, safer and easier access to assets and incident places


Financial Institutes

Control over proper use of loans by the farmers manage of operational risks, online analysis of deviations of the farms business plan monitoring the activities of external agricultural consultants

Our Partners

Formed in 2011, Event 38 designs and manufactures drones, specialized optical sensors, and a precision analytics cloud-based Drone Data Management SystemTM for small and medium-sized businesses. Today we have customers in 49 countries using our products for agriculture, surveying, construction, environmental conservation, and other applications. For more information please contact us at

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Our Partners are the key part of our platform. We build Open Business Model platform to provide best service and expertise for customers.