Arial crop monitoring
and mapping for agriculture

You get aerial map of your field, delivered to your computer
in the couple days directly from field with precision up to 2 cm/pixel.

Also we provide you additional professional sevices
from our agri-consultants.

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Drones Services on Demand

Visual Crop Map EvaluationDetect and track plants diseases, weeds and crop damages
We can detect:  precise field borders, Crop Green Area, weeds, damage of crops, lack of vegetation and skips, moderation of rows  
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Crop health maps – NDVIIdentify problem areas and variations on the your fields Decreasing in NDVI values during the active growing: indicates stress crops due to natural phenomena (hail, rainstorms, drought), as well as damage by pests, deficit of fertilizers . Reducing NDVI in other periods: shortage of soil moisture, deficit of fertilizers, weeds  
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Nitrogen maps – gNDVI- Detection of differential zones of nitrogen content in the leaves - Calibration of map with local soil sampling - Generation of Nitric card for fertilizing
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Plants counting
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Biomass calculation
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How it works

Order Aerial Map or Service
Service Network
Drone fly
Process data
Delivery results
Additional services
Order Aerial Map or Servicesimply call or leave an electronic order on this site
Service NetworkWe are provide for you nearest our pilot who will physically fly above your fields
Drone flyPilot flies and load raw data to our cloud platform
Process dataOur intelligence software engine process raw data and produce result - aerial map, fields segmentation, damages detection
Delivery resultsAs result is ready, you get it delivered on your computer, tablet or smartphone through web , - easy
Additional servicesWith help of our partners - agro consultants - we provide you additional services: interpretation and recommendations


Increase yield and prevent losses

due risk detection on early stages

Save resources

due more accurate using of inputs. Crop health maps (NDVI, gNDVI and others) allow you use heterogeneity of soil fertility in the more effective

Saving efforts and time

in comparison with on-foots crop scouting. You can survey more than 100 ha per hour, dramatically improve your performanse and save time for productive work.

Saving money

in comparison with manned aircraft crop scouting. Rent of manned aircraft costs more than 1500 EUR per hour

More operative and precise

in comparision with satelite. Gives precision up to 2 cm on pixel

Easy of using

no special technical skills, no drones, no training, computers and additional pesronnel

Superior quality

and 100% correspondence with reality


we are using leading cloud data centers to provide your confidentiality and security


Assessment of drought effect

Serbia, sunflower
There was a sunflower field after drought. We calculated “green area” from aerial visual photo. To do assessment precisely we detect weeds and removed this area from accounting To check accuracy of assessment we detect soil and checked sum of green area, soil and weed by equation to whole field “Green Area” selected by orange, soil by grey color, weeds by green

Rational Chemistry application

Romania, corn
Often effect of application of chemistry is not obvious Our client processed their test fields by chemistry selectively, alternative stripes NDVI photos show, that processed by chemistry plants are more healthy On the NDVI map stripes with high biological activities (processed by chemistry) are selected by green color
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