Participation in 5th Asia Agriculture Insurance Conference

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Victor Yermak

Asia’s agricultural sector holds the peak position in the food pyramid for the world with 2.2 billion people in the region relying on agriculture for their livelihood. To discuss the future of agro Insurance and Impact of Climate Change, Technology & Inclusive Insurance, experts will come 20-21 Sep 2018, to New Delhi, India to 5th Asia Agro Insurance Conference.

Skyglyph in the face of Raman Singh Saluja, Founder and Managing Director, Gramco Infratech Pte Ltd, partner of Skygph in India, was invited to participate in Panel on the Use of Technologies for Agricultural Insurance. This panel will include experts In the Agri-Tech field to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced in this digitalization era. The experts will share their lessons learned in dealing with technology issues.

Mr. Saluja is going to share our joint experience of working in the Indian agro insurance market.  Skyglyph and Raman Singh Saluja, founder of Gramco Infratech Pvt Ltd, with on-ground support from a leading Insurance company, have undertaken a pilot project, for drone-based and image processing methodology, which allows for data collection and monitoring. The analytics and data captured will prove to be a game changer for insurance companies, farmers. The concept holds potential to lower reinsurance premiums, quick settlement of claims through bankable scientific and geo-tagged data analytics.

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