Skyglyph participated in 4th International Agroinsurance Conference in Serbia

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Victor Yermak

More than 70 delegates from 25 countries have participated in 3 days Conference. The conference programme was very intense with more than 35 speakers, which discussed various aspects of agricultural insurance and visits field crops, orchards, vineyards with practical experience exchange. The conference was sponsored by giants of the insurance business, including Swiss Re and Munich Re.

The uniqueness of Conference was its strong focus on the technological aspect of agricultural insurance, including applications of remote sensing, satellites, drones, different methodologies of adjustments.

In addition to presentations that were discussed individual sessions, delegates have had an opportunity to participate in a panel discussion “Modern Technology in Agricultural Insurance”.  The aim of the panel was to focus on issues existing in and solutions available for the application of satellite monitoring and drones in different countries. Special emphasis was placed on the discussion of regulatory rules governing the use of drones.  Experts also talked about the development of multi-risk management programs in agriculture and their use in agricultural insurance in Central and Eastern Europe.

Victor Yermak Victor unveiled Skyglyph’  experience of drone-based image processing in the crop insurance during the “Application of drones for crop monitoring and loss adjustment. Experience in CEE countries” presentation.

Victor Yermak also participated in the Modern Technology in Agricultural Insurance Panel as representative a Skyglyph – company, which enables usage of drones and satellites for crop insurance. At the beginning of a discussion, participants exchanged views about technological future of crop insurance in the perspective 3-5 years and came to the conclusion that the penetration of technologies in the agricultural insurance is unavoidable. Victor paid attention to the importance of the social aspect of insurance for small farmers and shared an idea about “uberization” insurance and delivering insurance service for uninsured small farmers with help of IoT and Machine Learning; including smartphones, drones, and satellites.   Special interests from auditory were raised by Ian Shynkarenko idea (founder of Conference) about the special methodology of using drones in conjunction with satellite maps to save time and increase the effectiveness of fields surveying. Next trend, revealed in the discussion was a convergence of technologies for effective risk management: data from drones, satellites, information about weather and soil should work together.

Victor runs a number of 1-to-1 meetings with insurance companies, brokers, and potential partners.

In particularly, Victor had a long and productive discussion about potential cooperation with Martin, VP of Sales of UBIMET. UBIMET is the global leader in meteorological forecasting, information and custom services. 

Also, Victor explored the opportunity to run yield estimation and satellites for crop insurance and reinsurance sector together with  Draxis Environmental S.A., Greece.

We would like to sincerely thank Ian Shynkarenko and Roman Shynkarenko, inspirers and organizers of this great Conference.


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