Victor Yermak on Bloomberg TV

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Victor Yermak

Victor Yermak, CEO of Dataerion, shared his vision of the future of the drone market with the Bulgarian business community in his interview on Bloomberg TV. During the next 10 years this market will more than double in size, from 2 to 5 billion dollars, and drones will become a real source of added value in many businesses and industries.

“It’s a challenge – integrating drones into our life and building relationships with them”, says Yermak. “People are afraid of robots, because they may compete with them in the future. Artificial intelligence has the potential to compete with people.”

He notes that military UAVs have been in existence for almost two centuries, while the civil drone industry started developing rapidly only two years ago. According to Yermak, the two industries which can benefit the most from drone technologies are agriculture and insurance. For example, in crop insurance UAVs can be used for precise estimation of losses.

Yermak also noted that Bulgaria is a perspective market for aerial technologies, because the absence of heavy regulation, such as certification of pilots, stimulates the industry. In the future, The EU’s general norms will be met, and at that point the main goal will be not to impose excessive regulation on the industry, because that may hinder innovation.



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